Your sexual energy is not just about sex.

It's about how radiant and alive you feel.

It's the source of your vitality and you can choose to cultivate it.

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Jade Egg Yoga

It's About Freedom

Imagine...laughing with abandon, sneezing without worry, jumping for joy with confidence and no more peeing when you workout.

As common as it is, urinary incontinence is not a normal part of having a baby or going through menopause.

You can turn it around.

The Jade Egg is an ancient, holistic tool for pelvic floor strengthening; post childbirth, post menopause and beyond.


A regular Jade Egg Yoga practice can help you cure urinary incontinence.


It's About Vitality

Your pelvic floor houses the source of your vitality; your orgasmic anatomy.  

Your sexual energy is life force energy.

You are literally sitting on your very own personal fountain of youth.  

A strong (not tight!), fully functioning pelvic floor is key to feeling vibrant and alive at any age.


A regular Jade Egg Yoga practice helps you tap the source of your vitality. 



It's About Movement

Movement heals.  Wherever there is a muscle in your body, it needs movement to function at its best.  The moves of the pelvis are super subtle and easy to miss.  That's why your pelvis needs her very own, very specific yoga practice.  


Your pelvic floor needs daily movement to be healthy and strong.  

And by strong I never mean tight.  

I'm talking about full range of motion for optimal function.  

It's time to move beyond the Kegel.  


A Regular Jade Egg Yoga Practice Can Heal Your Pelvic Floor. 

It's About You

Join the List and Get Instant Access to Two Free Courses That Just Might Change Your Life