Why Your Pelvis Needs Her Very Own Yoga Practice...

It's Complicated

Your pelvis is a beautiful and complicated structure.  The movements of your pelvis and pelvic floor are super subtle and really easy to miss.  You can go through your day, through a whole yoga or Pilates practice and through your whole life without ever moving your pelvis in the way she needs to move.  There are 5 joints within your pelvic bowl and 5 joints that connect your pelvis to the rest of your body.  They all need movement for optimal function.  

It's Sensual

If you want to heal your pelvic floor and feel good in your body, you've got to get to know the kind of moves your pelvis needs and move accordingly everyday.  And it's not the kind of movement you're likely to find in a typical yoga class.  Your pelvic floor muscles need slow full range of motion movement to function at their best.  When you slow down the moves of the pelvis and get full range of motion, the movement becomes sensual.  Pelvic yoga is sensual yoga.  To heal your pelvic floor you need to embrace and move into your beautiful curves.  Sensual movement heals.



How you breathe has a huge impact on the state of your pelvic floor and your orgasm.  Many women clench their abdominals as a habit and become shallow breathers.  That creates pelvic chaos and cuts you off from the source of your vitality; your orgasmic anatomy.  When your breath is restricted you disrupt the natural balance of what I call your Deep Core Team.  Your pelvic floor, deep abdominal muscles and your diaphragm are designed to work in harmony to provide you with core support.  Shallow breathing disrupts that and can create a weak pelvic floor and a weak core.  They are really one in the same.  Breathing deeply into your pelvis brings back the harmony to your deep core and is essential for healing your pelvic floor.  


To get full function in your pelvic floor and to have a truly strong core, you need precision.  You need to strengthen your vagina.  It's the master key.  Vaginal precision is essential.  The Jade Egg is one of the best tools on the planet for that.  But you've got to know how.  Tuning into your pelvic design, subtle pelvic and vaginal movements, learning how to breathe into your pelvic floor, and how to build strength in ways that don't create tension are the foundations to a healthy pelvic floor.  Simply doing Kegels with a Jade Egg won't heal your pelvic floor and can set you up for creating tension and pelvic pain.  Your pelvis needs and richly deserves her very own yoga practice. 

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